As winter draws near it means Spanish season is approaching.

A large quantity of our produce will be imported from Spain including aubergines, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, courgettes & broccoli. This is due to the warmer and more stable climate. However that may be a contradiction of what happened last winter, which you may remember Spain had its heaviest snowfall in 35 years along with flooding, which caused prices to rocket up as availability was so scarce.

The season for Spanish broccoli will see us through until UK Broccoli becomes available again in the early summer months.

Carrots & Potatoes are all UK and good bold main crop.

Sprouts will soon be available, a must have addition to any Christmas menu. Also don’t forget piccolo parsnips and tricolour chantenay which are now available.

UK sourced kale, leeks, cabbage, swede & parsnips will be plentiful as they like the cooler wintery weather.

The UK supply of lettuce will also be finishing soon and we will be looking again to our suppliers in Spain as well as Italy to source from.

Currently Brazil is supplying us with their new season melons, with exceptional quality. The Southern Hemisphere melon crops should see us through to spring.

In a few weeks our grape supply will also be switching over to the south hemisphere region, firstly Brazilian then onto my favourite South African, this will see us through to late spring before quality reduces.

Pineapples we look towards Costa Rica for year round supply.

Oranges are still in strong demand and short supply, keeping prices high, this will likely be the case until Egyptian season starts next year.