There are many healthy benefits from the consumption of lemons. They contain calcium, vitamin C, citric acid and magnesium that helps promote the immune system and fight infections. These are well-known facts about lemon but there is a lot more to know about this fruit.

  1. Helps with Anxiety

Lemon balm has a calming affect which can help remove nervousness, dizziness and fatigue. Inhaling lemon oil also assists with improving alertness. It can therefore be used as a natural room/air freshener to increase productivity at home and at work.

  1. Helps Heal Hypertension

Combining lemon with garlic and onion is a effective and proven way to fight against hypertension and high cholesterol. Simply add three crushed garlic gloves and one finely diced onion to a low fat milk and slow bring to a boil. Sieve the liquid and then add squeezed juice of three lemons. And then, sip throughout the day.

  1. Good for Your Digestion

Drinking lemon water protects the body from deficiencies  in the immune system including the digestive system. By drinking a glass every morning helps maintain a healthy pH balance in the body.

  1. Fights Fatigue

Drinking a small amount of lemon juice actually quenches thirst more effectively than many time that the amount of water would. It also stimulates brain activity so if you are feeling tired and fatigued then lemon juice will help you concentrate

  1. Helps Heal Canker Sores

Lemons are proven antibacterial fruits with antiviral goodness that can help speed up the healing process if you are suffering from Canker sores. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with the solution just like you would with mouthwash.

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