Davin Foods donated produce and ingredients to Chelsea FC’s official catering partner, Levy UK, to help provide 200 Christmas lunches for users of the Glass Door Homeless Charity at the Methodist Church on King’s Road, London.

To create a restaurant-quality festive offer, we teamed up with departments from Stamford Bridge and Cobham and across all levels of hierarchy with everyone working together beautifully to deliver a seamless three-course service.


Davin Foods provide bespoke preparations of fruit, vegetables, juices and salads which have been used across the industry at some of the finest restaurants and establishments in London, including Levy UK.

We are excited to celebrate over 40 years of excellence in the hospitality industry and we pride ourselves in being able to do near enough anything fruit or vegetable will allow us to do. From parisienne to batons, we can provide classically prepared products to the highest standard. A taste of the products we offer include juices, smoothies, food-to-go pots, breakfast pots, pre-packed salad pots, ready prepared vegetables, fruit salads and more.