The COVID-19 pandemic is a global burden that cuts across the board and has affected numerous lives. However, it might have the greatest effect on the needy and vulnerable members of society. As costs rise and incomes waver, the situation of these members of society may become direr. The services and sources of aid that they depend on are being disrupted.

At Davin Foods, we are trying our best to mitigate some of these effects by teaming up with other organisations to provide food for the most vulnerable members of society.

One such organisation, FareShare, collects surplus food from across the UK’s food industry and redistributes it to people that need it. We have been donating freshly cut vegetables to help them with the cause.

We have also partnered with organisations like Compassion London and Smart Hospitality to contribute stock which goes into preparing meals that get to people that need it the most. Compassion London is a collection of people that volunteer their time and know-how to prepare and deliver thousands of meals to frontline health workers and the vulnerable members of society. Smart Hospitality is an award-winning catering company that opened their kitchens and partnered with other people to provide meals for key workers in the NHS that are sick or in self-isolation.

Our awesome volunteers have also been producing stock which is helping chefs like Harry Lomas and the team at Wembley Stadium get meals prepared. They chop up hundreds of kilograms of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions daily. This helps reduce the time that the chefs spend preparing meals, thus, allowing them to produce more meals for the people that need them

In this fight against the Coronavirus, our heroes are the doctors and nurses that are serving on the frontline. They put their lives at risk to take care of the sick and help to protect all of us. We have been supporting them and showing our appreciation by providing food for them through hospitals, charities, and other organisations.

To stand strong, we need to stand together. Please get in touch with us if you would like to join our amazing team of volunteers, make a donation, or partner with us.

To learn more about our donations, check out our Instagram page – @davinfoods