When clients order food from restaurant wholesalers, hotels, or other hospitality service providers, one thing that is always expected is the highest quality of food. You don’t have to employ a world-renowned chef or serve the most diverse menu; instead, your food offering just needs to be professionally handled at every point of the value chain.

This is often much easier said than done, but you have no choice if you wish to stay competitive. Just a single incident of poor quality could lead to pretty severe reputational damage that could threaten the life of your business, not to mention possible regulatory infractions.

So how do you improve the quality of your food to ensure that you are providing your customers with the best products every single time? Below are a few tips.

4 Tips on How to Help Improve the Quality of Your Food as a Restaurant Wholesaler

1. Create a High-Quality Food Culture

Building the right culture is a crucial first step. Your task will be to ensure that every single member of staff internalises the production of high-quality food products. This quality control should seep through every facet of your organization, and of course, must start from the top.

2. Set Standards and Provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To achieve consistent quality, you must outline a set of consistent guidelines and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that set very clear requirements. These help to reinforce quality culture as well as ensure uniformity in service delivery.

For instance, at Davin Foods, fruits and vegetables are cut to precise standards every single time. And, staff are trained in IEHO Basic Food Hygiene standards to ensure that food is prepared with the highest standards of hygiene. As a result, we hold BRC accreditation at AA Grade level.

3. Conduct Regular Assessments

It is not enough to set standards. You must regularly assess and audit your staff to ensure that they are keeping to the set requirements in their work. Regular assessments could also help reveal flaws in your production and supply processes that are affecting food quality and help you improve them.

4. Use Only the Highest Quality Inputs

When it comes to food, the output is seldom every greater than the input. To ensure consistent quality in food products, you must ensure that you begin by ordering farm produce only from the highest quality producers. At Davin Foods, we insist on using only fresh produce with every single product we make, to ensure that our clients have the best experience. We also ensure that we have full oversight of the value chain so that we know exactly what has gone into cultivating our raw inputs.

High-Quality Restaurant Wholesalers – Davin Foods

Ensuring that you consistently provide your customers with high-quality food requires an adherence to set standards and regular assessments. This goal can be achieved when as many members of your team as possible are on the same page about the importance of food quality. At Davin Food, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that the services we provide meet the standards our customers require since 1979.

And, since then, we have built a brand that is known for delivering consistent quality. We supply some of the most prestigious restaurants, hotels and event caterers in the UK with a wide range of top quality products including prepared vegetables and fruits, salads, and juices.

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