To say that COVID-19 has caused massive disruptions in the hospitality industry as a whole is a massive understatement. The lockdown put in place to curb the spread of the virus has drastically impacted restaurants and restaurant wholesalers across the country having some struggling to stay afloat.

But diners were also affected and they are desperately looking forward to visiting their much-missed restaurants once restrictions are lifted. However, it is worth noting that the end of the lockdown does not mean a return to the “old normal.”

So, what does this mean for restaurant owners/managers?

You will need to use this time as an opportunity to redesign your strategy and re-examine the source of your supplies so as to position yourself for success in the “new normal”. That said, one of the non-negotiable elements to revisit would be your restaurant wholesalers.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Wholesalers Post Lockdown

In order for you to swing the success balance in your favour, you will need to choose wholesale food suppliers ready for the post-lockdown hurdles. In addition to these features, here’s what you will need:

1. Restaurant wholesalers that are equipped for the CHANGING CONSUMER PREFERENCES– more health-conscious meals. One of the notable effects of this pandemic has been a shift towards fresh, and healthy produce with traceable origins. You will need to choose a wholesaler that meets these criteria.

2. Look for a food supplier with IMPROVED SAFETY PROTOCOLS. Food safety will be a major concern after the lockdown and it will lead to more regulatory pressure. While most wholesalers already have food safety protocols in place, you will need to choose one with improved safety practices that meet current health realities.

3. Look for EXPERIENCED restaurant wholesalers. Why? Because food suppliers that boast of a rich history serving different restaurants and other actors in the hospitality industry will have the required flexibility and adaptability to be ready for the known challenges today and for the unknown, once the lockdown is lifted.

Make the most of your downtime by partnering with the right restaurant wholesalers- one with the aforementioned features like Davin Foods. We have been preparing to overcome post-lockdown challenges and we are ready to meet your needs. Get in touch with us for more information.