The pandemic had a significant impact on fresh fruit and veg suppliers, predominantly through the disruption of supply chains. The good news is that there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. While we haven’t completely gotten rid of the virus yet, there are strong signs that we are winning the battle, and we can soon return to a semblance of normalcy.

What does this mean for businesses in the hospitality industry?

If you are a chef or restaurant/ hotel manager, you should be preparing to accommodate the surge in diners in your institutions once restrictions are lifted. This means you should ensure you are stocked up to handle the high demand. And the best way to achieve that is by partnering with fresh fruit and veg suppliers prepared for the post lockdown surge like Davin Foods.

How We Have Prepared to Meet Your Needs


  1. Reviewed Covid-19 protocol

While we are winning, the battle against the virus is not over yet. This is why we continue to make safety in our workplace a priority. To that effect, we constantly review and update our Covid-19 protocols to ensure that our staff and customers are safe. Cleaning, handwashing and sanitising, and social distancing are just some of the measures we keep in place to mitigate transmission risks.

  1. Local sourcing of fresh fruit and vegetables

We have always believed that sourcing our fruits and vegetables locally was key to providing our extensive range of customers with the best services. The disruption of supply chains on imports has only strengthened our commitment to partner with local growers to serve you with fresh and high-quality produce.

  1. Continuous commitment to transparency and traceability

We are committed to ensuring that farming and workplace best practices are upheld. Sourcing our produce from local growers has made it more practical for us to conduct due diligence and guarantee complete transparency and traceability. We also apply the same principles in our modern temperature-controlled factory.

Now is the best time to partner with fresh fruit and veg suppliers prepared for the post lockdown surge like Davin Foods, with restriction gradually being lifted and consumers developing an increased appetite for local and fresh foods.

We have been preparing for you, get in touch with us to know more.