One of the main trends in the hospitality industry has been the rise in consumer demand for locally sourced produce, leading to hotel food suppliers rapidly adapting their service to meet up.

That’s not all, though. We are also seeing a shift in consumer habits towards takeaway breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with many hospitality businesses now prioritising food suppliers with diverse options that include food-to-go products

However, as someone responsible for managing a hotel, it is always important to partner with the right suppliers.

At Davin Foods, we are continually fine-tuning our offerings to adapt to changes in the hospitality industry. We have embraced the increasing demand for food-to-go products, and we strive to provide an optimum customer experience.

Here’s why there is an increasing appetite for our food-to-go products?

  1. Suitable packaging

Our range of food-to-go offerings consists of grab-and-go-style products that have been individually packaged to make adapting to a takeaway for breakfast or lunch more convenient. One of the reasons this range of products is so popular is the suitable packaging that maintains your foods’ excellent taste, texture, and presentation.


  1. Wide range of options

Partnering with hotel food suppliers offering a range of options that will help you create a satisfying menu that your customers and staff will love is vital. At Davin Foods, we aim to satisfy all our customers by offering them a plethora of options. Some of our most in-demand food-to-go products include fruit salads, pre-portioned salads, and breakfast pots for hotel staff.


  1. Quality food

We believe that having a delicious menu that will create a loyal customer base can only be possible through access to locally sourced, fresh, and quality produce. Partnering with Davin Foods is securing access to healthy, quality food.

We are continually improving our services at Davin Foods to ensure we complement our customers’ unique needs. Our food-to-go service is our most recent addition to our growing catalogue.

Partner with the best hotel food suppliers to take your business to greater heights. Get in touch with us for more information.


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