Davin Foods has established itself as one of the premier restaurant wholesalers, indispensable to some of the most prestigious hotels, esteemed banqueting venues, and distinguished event caterers nationwide. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality fresh produce, Davin Foods has become synonymous with culinary excellence, catering to the sophisticated palate of the UK’s gastronomic scene.

A reputation for consistent quality is at the heart of Davin Foods’ success. This unwavering focus on quality has not only earned Davin Foods a place at the tables of the UK’s elite hospitality venues but has also cemented our position as the go-to restaurant wholesalers for discerning chefs and restaurateurs aiming to unlock culinary excellence in their menus.

Why Davin Foods is the Choice of Leading UK Restaurant Wholesalers

1. Product Excellence

At Davin Foods, our extensive product range is a testament to our commitment to excellence, making us a preferred choice for UK restaurant wholesalers. Our seasonal vegetables, available in various preparations, and our wide array of fruits, including diverse fruit salads, cater to the nuanced needs of top chefs and caterers. Each product, from our vibrant salads to our freshly squeezed juices, is selected for its quality and freshness, ensuring that every meal is nutritious and delicious.

Moreover, our food-to-go items and cooked range demonstrate our understanding of the restaurant industry’s needs. The cooked range, in particular, offers substantial savings and convenience, addressing challenges like staffing and production costs. Mass-producing complex items enables our clients to streamline their operations without sacrificing quality, a crucial factor in the fast-paced hospitality sector.

Our dedication to product excellence, seen in our variety, quality, and convenience, positions us as a top choice among UK restaurant wholesalers. It’s not just about supplying food; it’s about providing solutions that meet the high standards of the UK’s culinary scene, ensuring satisfaction from kitchen to table.

2. Quality and Sourcing Standards

Davin Foods’ commitment to quality begins with our farm-to-table approach, a core principle that guides our sourcing and procurement processes. We place a strong emphasis on freshness and high-quality produce, which is achieved by sourcing directly from dedicated growers and reputable importers. This direct line from farm to table ensures the freshest ingredients and supports the traceability and authenticity of our produce. Our close relationships with suppliers are fundamental in maintaining the standard of excellence that our clients expect.

In our modern, temperature-controlled factory, quality assurance is not just a process; it’s an ethos. Every step, from receiving raw materials to the final packaging, is meticulously monitored. Our team, skilled in cutting and preparing produce, adheres to exacting standards, ensuring that each product meets our stringent quality criteria and the specific needs of our clients. This attention to detail is vital in delivering products consistently of the highest calibre. This comprehensive approach to quality and safety makes Davin Foods a trusted name among UK restaurant wholesalers.

3. Sustainability and Local Sourcing

At Davin Foods, sustainability and responsible sourcing form the backbone of our operations. In an era where both restaurateurs and customers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, our approach to sourcing locally-produced food items resonates strongly with these values. By prioritising local suppliers, we reduce our carbon footprint and support the local farming community, fostering a more sustainable food economy.

Our focus on local sourcing is twofold: it ensures the freshest ingredients for our clients and aligns with the growing demand for traceable, ethically sourced produce. Customers today are more informed and concerned about where their food comes from, and by providing locally sourced ingredients, we meet this demand head-on. This practice is not just about being environmentally responsible; it’s about delivering a fresh, high-quality product that supports the ethos of today’s consumers.

4. Accreditations and Training

At Davin Foods, we recognise the importance of accreditations and staff training in maintaining our high quality and safety standards. We are proud to hold SALSA accreditation, a testament to our commitment to exceptional food safety and quality standards. This accreditation reflects our dedication to providing products that meet and exceed our client’s expectations regarding safety and quality.

In addition to SALSA, we operate to a BRC standard, one of the most recognised benchmarks in the industry. Adhering to BRC standards ensures that our operations align with the best practices in food handling, safety, and quality. This adherence is crucial, as it gives our clients the confidence that the products they receive from us are of the highest possible standard.

Furthermore, the training of our staff is a cornerstone of our operation. All our team members are trained to a minimum of the IEHO Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and implementation of food safety practices. We also have in-house COSHH working practices, integral to maintaining a safe working environment. 

This extensive training ensures that every team member is skilled in their craft and deeply aware of the importance of food safety and hygiene. This combination of rigorous accreditation and thorough staff training places Davin Foods at the forefront of quality and safety in the UK restaurant wholesale industry.


Davin Foods is a beacon of quality, reliability, and innovation in the UK restaurant wholesale industry. Our unwavering commitment to product excellence, stringent quality and sourcing standards, and dedication to sustainability and local sourcing set us apart. Coupled with our esteemed accreditations and comprehensive staff training, we provide food products and complete culinary solutions that meet the evolving hospitality sector demands.

We invite restaurateurs, hoteliers, and event caterers seeking a trusted partner to elevate their culinary offerings to partner with Davin Foods. Join us on our journey towards culinary excellence and sustainability. Contact us to explore how our products and services can enhance your business and delight your customers.


1. What range of products does Davin Foods offer?

Davin Foods specialises in providing a wide range of fresh produce, including an extensive selection of seasonal vegetables, fruits, salads, and freshly squeezed juices. We also offer a variety of food-to-go items and a cooked range designed to provide convenience and cost savings to businesses.

2. How does Davin Foods ensure the quality of its products?

Quality assurance is at the core of Davin Foods’ operations. We source our produce directly from trusted growers and importers, ensuring freshness and traceability. Our modern, temperature-controlled factory meticulously monitors everything, from raw material reception to final packaging. Additionally, our adherence to SALSA accreditation and BRC standards reinforces our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and safety.

3. Does Davin Foods support sustainable and local sourcing?

Yes, sustainability and local sourcing are integral to our ethos. We prioritise sourcing locally-produced food items, which reduces our carbon footprint and supports local farmers. This approach ensures the freshness of our produce and aligns with the values of environmentally-conscious consumers and restaurateurs.